Inspired by the desire to introduce my children to Spanish and their Latino heritage, I wrote and recorded a bilingual children’s Little Amigos Cover FINAL2album called Songs for My Little Amigos. From start to finish, this project has been an amazing journey. I never intentionally set out to write a children’s album. These songs came from nothing more than being a stay at home mom wanting to introduce my daughter to Spanish, and our Latino heritage, which I’m so very proud of. Music happens to be what I know best, so through music and singing I turned everyday activities into learning opportunities…like getting dressed, counting, bath time, and using manners. I found myself repeating certain words and phrases every day, all day long. I would say these words or phrases in English and then Spanish. After a while, repetition turned in to a cadence… which found a melody… that developed into a song. My daughter caught on quickly and began singing them. That was so exciting! Before I knew it, we had a whole collection of little ditties that went along with our daily activities. I started sharing my excitement and idea to record these songs, with close “mom” friends and musical colleagues. The encouragement and support I received was overwhelming.

My mission is to create music with a purpose. Songs for My Little Amigos is a bilingual children’s CD with fun, catchy songs, containing commonly used words and phrases used in every day interactions. This is a creative tool that parents, grandparents, daycare providers, preschool teachers, ANYONE can use, to introduce the Spanish (or English) language to the children in their life. Educational research shows that music enrichment is a successful component to learning, especially in areas of language and math. Children are most adept for learning multiple languages during the early ages of language development, particularly within the infant-toddler years

My heart’s desire is for all children to experience the joy of music and dance. I’m so thankful to everyone who helped make this dream a reality…my dear friends who graciously donated their time and talent, and everyone who contributed to my Indiegogo campaign. Music and dance have been such an integral part of my life, and I welcome any opportunity to nurture children’s creativity and share my love of the Performing Arts.

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